Friday, March 13, 2009

Overo to Earth - Overo to Earth

As the Overo Earth computer comes it is quite difficult to communicate with it. You see, there is very little in the way of communications as all of the input and output to the computer goes through two 70-pin miniature connectors on the bottom of the computer board. Normally, this would be an issue but the folks at Gumstix have a solution.

Meet the Summit expansion board for the Overo Earth computer. It has connectors configured to interface to the two 70-pin connectors on the bottom of the computer to allow access to different capabilities on the Overo Earth board. When the Overo Earth computer is plugged into the Summit expansion board you have the following interfaces available:

  • USB OTG mini-AB
  • USB host mini-A (experimental)
  • DVI-D (HDMI) video out
  • Audio In / Audio Out (stereo)
  • USB Serial Console
  • Signals available on 0.100-inch through-holes at 1.8V logic levels
  1. Two (2) two-wire serial ports
  2. One 1-wire port
  3. 6-ea. PWM output lines
  4. I2C port
  5. SPI Bus
Also there are 6 ea. A/D lines (at 1.8-V logic) and processor control signal lines.

  • 4V to 5.5V input
Connectors: (interface to Overo Earth board)
  • (2) 70-pin AVX 5602-24 connectors
  • 80mm x 39mm
  • Four (4) x #2 mounting holes

more to follow...


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